What About Psychology – 2

What About Psychology? II

I. The Fact of Mental Illness

A. The Fact of Debilitating, Irrational, Bizarre, or Delusional Behavior

Personality” disorders, Phobias,   Manias

B. The Fact of _________________________Emotional Conditions

Anxiety, depression, suspicion/paranoia, self-destructive/ suicidal impulses/ cutting

II. There are _________________Causes of “Mental Illness”

A. In the _________________itself

Hormones, Diabetes, Allergies, Reactions to meds or allergens in the environment

B. In the ____________________itself

Strokes, Accidents,  Substance abuse,  Inherited impairment , Disease, Abnormalities:

III. ________________________________Causes of “Mental Illness.”

A. Sigmund Freud and the Unconscious Mind

1. Freud’s ideas

  • The concept of the unconscious or _______conscious mind
  • The concept of________________________________:
  • Therapies to alleviate the unvented emotion or subconscious__________________________.

           Hypnosis, Free association. “Freudian slips” , Dream analysis.

2. Freud’s Errors

There is only one human “mind” spoken of in the Bible. As believers we are to _________________________it by its renewal. 

Rom 12:1-2

We are to take control of our __________________________life

2Co 10:5 ; Php 4:8-9

B. Abraham Maslow and the Hierarchy of _______________

1. The Hierarchy of Needs


  • The Need for Physical _______________________– food, water, shelter
  • Freedom from __________________________
  • Being loved and having a sense of ______________________________
  • The need to feel _________________________and esteemed by one’s peers

2.  Maslow’s Errors

The Bible does not teach that we must have our needs met to be what we should be.

  • The Bible does not focus on our needs at all
  • It focuses on the ________________and His giving of Himself.
  • It directs our attention toward ________________

C. Erich Erickson and the _________________of Personality Development

1. An _______________________________model of personality development

2. Erichson’s Errors

  • Ignores the basic issues of _______and human ________________________
  • The Bible teaches that we are ________________sinners.
  • The Bible’s teaching is that we have a selfish, _____________, willful nature
  • The element of ________________is crucial.

Example: Teenage rebellion – Why do teens rebel against parents? Is it because they are searching for their identity? They rebel because they begin to believe ideas about themselves that are not true:

“I can get along on my own.” Can they? No. Almost none of them have the job skills to provide food or shelter for themselves.

“I know how to run my own life.”  They do not possess the education to function well in life. The number of runaways that get involved with older people who take advantage of their ignorance is proof of that

“I am smarter than my parents.”  Not likely.

“I do not need someone telling me what to do.”  Left to themselves many would sleep in every day, never develop discipline and be freeloaders on everyone.

When one has more of an inflated idea about oneself we call that_____________.

Is teenage rebellion an inevitable stage in human personality development?

No. They can choose not to rebel. 


IV. Basic Foundations (Presuppositions) of  Psychology Compared with the Bible

                        Psychology                                                             Bible

Man is good, though he



Man is evil, a ______________________,


Jeremiah 17:9     Romans 3:23

Man’s problems are primarily due to



Man’s problems are primarily due to his


(desire to control his own life rather than to submit to God and sinning against others and God.)

John 5:37-40      Ephesians 2:1-5

To overcome a problem, man must explore his __________________. Focus is placed on the counselee, his suffering, and his ____________________. To overcome a problem involving sin, man must ___________________ immediately. Focus is on the God of healing, His power, and the believer’s glorious ____________

Romans 6:13-22

To grow, man must reach into his


________________ resources.


To grow, man must depend completely on ____________ and the source of all wisdom, __________________________. Man has no resources in himself.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Social problems are due to a lack of

_________________, _______________,

and _____________________. Man must

liberate self, improve self, elevate self,

release self.

Social problems are due to the fallen nature of man, his wrong _____________,

________________, and _____________.

Man must deny self, and please God.

 James 4:1-3

If ______________________ man cannot be cured. A Christian can overcome sin and have victory through _____________________.

I Corinthians 6:11

Each person’s problems and behavior patterns are _______________________. We are basically the same, prone to the same ____________________________,  sins, and tendencies to ______________.

I Corinthians 10:13

Emphasis is on _____________________  – “people are hurting”. Emphasis is on God’s ________________

– “people are lost”.

John 10:10

Man is bound together in unity by his particular _________________________,  __________________ or _____________. Christians are bound together in unity by the __________________________ and _________________ in Christ.

Philippians 1:27

Human problems can be purely

_________________________ in nature, unrelated to any spiritual or physical condition.

Man’s spirit, soul, and emotions are entwined and cannot be ______________.

Man cannot successfully deal with

__________________ without also dealing with his __________________.

I Thessalonians 5:23

Adapted from Debi Pryde