Precepts for Particular Praying

 Precepts for Particular Praying

 Brethren, pray for us.  (1Th 5:25)

So often in our prayer lives we become very glib, trite and routine. It not only becomes monotonous, boring, and predictable, it is also thoughtless and apathetic.

So here are some specific ideas about what to pray for in regard to another believer- These are some particulars that we ought to incorporate into our praying.

I. Pray that your brother or sister gets to know God______________________.-  Eph 1:17-18 

II. Pray that your friend understands what God’s ___________________might be in any given situation so that He would be pleased. –Col 1:9-10

III. Pray that your life and others who know Christ live to bring ________________________to
Col 1:9-10  ;

IV. Pray that your sister or brother’s efforts for the kingdom are ___________________________.      Col 1:10

V. Pray that your brother or sister be___________________________________.-  Col 1:11

VI. Pray that a fellow believer have a full and well developed love and not mere

 ___________________________________-  Phil 1:9

VII. Pray that a fellow believer will do what is right and godly for the _______________reasons.                  –  2Co 13:7

VIII. Pray that your brother or sister would overflow with godly and spiritual ____________________.
Phil 1:9-11

IX. Pray that folks that witness for Jesus will have_______________________.  –Eph 6:18-20;Col 4:3-4 

Pray that they neither  wimp out, nor overcompensate.