A Dishonest Question

I like honest, sincere questions, but a few decades ago there was an older, well-educated man in one of my classes who would ask dishonest questions. These questions were designed to show me up and prompt an intellectual jousting match after which he would, presumably, be seen as the victor. His questions were prompted more out of envy and arrogance than honest inquiry.

The Apostle Paul addressed a question concerning the resurrection by someone much like that man in my class. This question is recorded in I Corinthians 15:35 – “But some man will say, How are the dead raised up? and with what body do they come?”  Before Paul answers in subsequent verses, he addresses this “hypothetical” cross-examiner with one word – “Fool” (vs 36). In the Greek this word means “mindless, ignorant and/or egotistical.” It is a term for someone that really has not investigated or thought out matters but asks challenging questions as though he has done so. He is not a seeker of truth; he asks as a self-absorbed egotist trying to parade his superiority or justify his unbelief.

What kind of questioner are you, Friend? This Easter season as Christians celebrate the reality of the resurrection, let me encourage you to be an honest seeker. The One Who substituted Himself for you on the cross broke the chains of death to prove that His death accomplished all that was necessary for you to have eternal life. Got questions? Let’s put on the coffee and talk or visit us on Good Friday at 12 Noon or Easter morning at 11 am.

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